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Photos on this website are from:

Mildred Klaus (productions 'enter tame me'  & 'GLÜCK'  &  'Clan Destin' &  training early 2019)

Georg Kronenberg (production 'fangen gegangen')

Kasia Chmura-Cegiełkowska (production 'horizontal')

Christian Mattis (original pictures from Etienne Decroux)

Ina Rudolph (production 'rawmantics''alle seine Monde')

François Le Blond (production 'rawmantics')

Oliver Pollak (almost all pictures from the training)

and more

Videographers are:

Christian Mattis (production 'Bar jeder Hoffnung'  'enter tame me''GLÜCK' & 'alle seine Monde')

Stefano Casertano (production 'Bar jeder Hoffnung' 'Clan Destin')

Thilo Wittenbecher (production 'Bar jeder Hoffnung''Clan Destin')

Mark von Wardenburg (production 'Bar jeder Hoffnung')

Hugo Reis (production 'enter tame me''GLÜCK')

Antonio Padovani (production 'enter tame me''GLÜCK')

Georg Kronenberg (production 'fangen gegangen')

Rike Hagel (production 'fangen gegangen')

Marina Castellana (production 'GLÜCK')

Gábor Hollós (production 'rawmantics''alle seine Monde')

István Hollós (production 'rawmantics')

François Le Blond (production 'rawmantics')

Nathan Buck (production 'alle seine Monde')

Oliver Pollak (video-production 'no strings attached' and more)

and more

Drawings by:

Anais Caïllaud  •   images  →

video editing & flyer design:

Oliver Pollak