KONGLOMERATA        weekly open class        with Oliver Pollak

currently there is no open classes !   •   please check this space for updates ! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Konglomerata, our traditional open - real life - class as part of our intensive workshop (Atelier) reopens April 28th 2022

The open class is lead by Oliver Pollak. Oliver was formed in physical theatre, mime and corporeal mime some 5+ years and is performing, directing and teaching since the mid 90ties in Europe and further. In fall 2013 he founded Atelier des Mimes Berlin.

Everyone is welcome, ready to rattle, hoping to be moved and wishing to explore the body's sensations and miracles. Excitements of physis and space, movement, travel and meditation. We will be floating and shaking, sometimes travelling thru impulsivity and imagination, sometimes observing skin, flesh and bone. And hopefully always be ending up dancing or playing. On way or the other.

See you there!

spread the word. keep up the vibes!

mime moves.

time: currently no Konglomerata
location: at Theater expedition Metropolis  •  Ohlauerstr.  41  •  Berlin Kreuzberg  •  see contact for details
come!  in loose clothing and good humour, ready to sweat
fee: €20 to €10 (u decide)
feedback, comments, suggestions, wishes, praise:  justbe@konglomerata.one
about: Atelier des Mimes:  www.mime.berlin  •  Oliver Pollak:  www.oliverpollak.com  •  like oysters and lamps?  www.huitre-monde.de
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