The Atelier des Mimes Berlin


Atelier des Mimes is a training and production place.

Atelier des Mimes produces one or two productions a year. More information on those under ‘creation’ ->.


As training, Atelier des Mimes is offering long-intensive workshops (7 to 16 weeks) in regular intervals.

The next Atelier – No. 11 – will run from in autumn 2018. More infos here ->


The aim of this Atelier is the introduction into the fabulous world of corporeal mime (also known as Etienne-Decroux-Technique), which can serve as an autonomous art from as well as a very in-depth basic training for other performing arts.

Besides the training in this very specific and fascinating movement technique, a lot of focus is given to the implementation in improvisation, composition and play.

This Atelier is dedicated to performers with professional aspirations and zestfulness and passion for a physical and profoundly meaningful theatre. The aim is a transformation of the craftsman on stage towards presence, precision, playfulness, impulsivity and virtuosity in shape and rhythm.


The Atelier des Mimes Berlin is cooperation partner with the mime art festivals in Prag & Policka / Czech Republic and Warsaw / Poland as well as the franco-german mime exchange “plateform-plattform”. This Atelier receives active support by the Mimecentrum Berlin, is cooperating with “LISPA”, London International School of Performing Arts as well as “die Etage”, Berlin school for the performing arts and feels itself related to the schools dedicated to coporeal mime in the USA, Barcelona, Paris and Cologne.