the breathing body • Atelier des Mimes Berlin 14  •  Fall 2021

ten days  intensive exploration of  physical theatre

Operation transformation  (mission statement)

Awakening the senses, igniting the spirits, triggering the inner dance, unveiling it's sapience and spark. Refining our message, revealing our selves.

The aim of ateliers is the transformation of the craftsman on stage towards presence and impact, precision and playfulness, impulsivity and virtuosity in shape and rhythm.

C'est le corps qui souffre  (quote Etienne Decroux)

Our chosen mean of expression is movement through space and time. Our instrument is the body, which needs to be shaped, tuned and sharpened. Nourished with a versatile vocabulary, it'll ride us to speak more freely. A meaning maybe other to functional words, beyond linear narration. To find our innate language. To tell our intimate and unique story.

Any content needs a frame, every melody it's instrument. For us it's the body. For us it's mime. Servants to our audience.

Am Abgrund kommt es nur auf die Haltung an  (mantra Atelier des Mimes)

Atelier des Mimes is aiming at performers who want to express in a meaningful physical way, reveiling inner motions of a figure on stage: feelings, emotions, thoughts. The approach in getting there is a physically very demanding practice (in part 'corporeal mime' after Etienne Decroux) - combined with challenging settings of play, improvisation and composition and a constant critical review of path and results.

One's own dance in mime...   bienvenue à la folie!


The workshop is 10 days, Monday to Friday:

Monday Nov. 1st to Friday Nov. 12th

€500 to €300  -  you decide

open call.




Monday to Friday

11:15 - 15:15


Classes will be held in a dance studio in Berlin-Kreuzberg. See contact for info  →
The course will be directed and taught by Oliver Pollak and be held in English.
The participation at Atelier des Mimes is fully at your own risk and responsability.

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Bienvenue à la folie.