My name is Oliver Pollak. I am a mime.
Since two decades I am "married" now to ’mime corporel dramatique‘.

My formation in physical theatre led me first one year to the Commedia School of Copenhagen (Lecoq-style), then a year to Paris to the great Master Marcel Marceau and finally six very intensive years of apprenticeship at the école de mime corporel dramatique London. Graduated with diploma, continued in the post-graduate program and the theatre company ‘ Théâtre de l'Ange Fou ’.

There, under the very devoted and stringent direction of Corinne Soum and Steven Wasson (the last two longstanding assistants of Etienne Decroux) I gained my substantiated and profound knowledge in this art form. It was here, where my fascination for the "strict doctrine" commenced, it's manifold possibilities of expression and it's inherent beauty.

After 10 years abroad and now 15 years back in Germany / Berlin, I have performed and taught in this art form very frequently, and extended and enriched my ways of expression and teaching steadily. Ever since, I was interested in conveying physical performing in general and specifically this movement technique / art form / stage philosophy.

I am inspired by the most diverse opportunities I was teaching, e.g. at the Mimecentrum Berlin, "die Etage" Berlin, as well as in many many workshops in Germany, Italy, Ireland, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Iran and Nepal ....

as workshop-leader, director, coach, choreograph, for professionals, amateurs, for adults and youngsters, for opera singers and orchestra conductors, fire jugglers, circus acrobats, inmates in prison, film-, tv- and traditional theatre actors, and many many more...

Teaching is a passion of me. I always strive to meet my standards, last but not least formed by my strict formation in London, towards myself, my students and the running the class itself: conscience, precision, efficiency, dynamic and passion. Oliver-style. mimactiv.

But, most importantly: respect, appreciation.  And fun.

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