from current & former participants at Atelier des Mimes

“ My experience at Atelier des Mimes had a profound effect on me as a performer. I opened up, let go, and dug deep, finding a new inner strength and a dedication to play and improvisation. Oliver’s rigorous training is imprinted in my body- I carry it gratefully with me into every performance I make! ”
Lisi Stoessel  (US)  •  website  •  images
“ ‘This is not a movement class, this is a statement class!’ shouts Oliver.
He will confront your physical - emotional - mental limits... and then BOOOOOOOOOOM... you have no choice but to start.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! ”
Letizia Airoldi (ES)  •  images
“ I’ve spent quite a year at the Atelier de Mime (3rd and 4th edition) while I was wondering if I wanted a life as an actress and that was the perfect time for me to meet Oliver and his practice.
The training shook my foundations and opened up new spaces inside and outside. It challenged my endurance over possibilities of movements, revealing that strength relies in the ability of articulate rather than in the power of the muscles.
The Decroux based practice gave me a really good base to work in different body practices and on stage: where every little detail counts, the respect of a gesture in his own existence will lead you to being able to inhabit it.
With the active movement work that is Oliver’s creative input, I’ve learn to be consequent in whatever the movement I do. I gained a lot elasticity in the body and in the vision, thanks to the good provocations we built for each other. Also I’ve learn how to spot myself cheating while I work, and I still cheat, sometimes, but I am aware. 😉
I can recommend if:
• you are searching for a place where to sweat out your habits and find space for surprises;
• you want to get to know your body from moving it in different sections and directions;
• you can experience commitment as a funny challenge;
• you go like ‘yoga is too slow!’, ‘dance is too much choreography!’, ‘contact jams are too touchy!’ and still ‘I really wanna mooove!’
Grow big, stay humble, ‘Let the Sun shine in’ and breath. ”
Roberta Del Ben  (IT)  •  images
“ The Atelier is a physical trip to an imaginary world. All around is constantly changing and surprising you, you yourself change also along the journey. Your body will transform. Your limits will be overpassed. You won't be alone, you will meet all the other creatures that, as you, feel lose and weirdly at home at the same time. If at any time you harbor doubts they will dissolve into sweet. Come here to be your body. ”
Frenando Guillen  (ES)  •  images
“ Oliver? You hate him or you love him. There's nothing in between. ”
Barabara Wiltschek  (AT)