narr & ziss:

Oliver Pollak





Gábor Hollós

Paolo Grazzi, Ulrich Hardt, Barbara Wiltschek

Mildred Klaus


Friday, November 11th 2022   •   première

Saturday, November 12th

Sunday, November 13th

at 20:00


Theater Expedition Metropolis

Ohlauerstraße 41 • 10999 Berlin - Kreuzberg

(former "Desinfectionsanstalt"  •  left of "Umspannwerk"  •  near Hobrechtbrücke)

U1 / U3 Görlitzer Bahnhof   &   U8 Schönleinstraße   &   Bus: M29

website →     facebook →     google maps →


€14 / €8

+49 (0)30 4798 0152

limited seating. reservation strongly recommended.

The show contains little language. It is not suitable for children.


in Kooperation mit Theater Expedition Metropolis

 what is it?

who knows?     sometimes we wonder ourselves . . .

physical theatre ?    mime ?    Tanztheater ?

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'Narrziss' is a very personal work for me. Me aging. Man-aging.
With all the humiliation that comes with it. And the humility.
Or, as Oscar Wilde put it: “The tragedy of growing old is not that one is old, but that one is young.”

I would say verschwurbelt:

Die Auslöschung ins Vergessen ist des Narziss Demutigung der Selbstverwirkung.


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