falling, in love




the upcoming production of



performed by:


directed by:




Atelier des Mimes

a duett


Oliver Pollak

Hanna Funk

Oliver Pollak

early in 2017

targeted at 1h














He says (or was it she?):

“ Do you like falling in love?

I mean: ‘ f a l l i n g    i n    l o v e ’ ?

Sure you do. Who doesn't. Everyone likes falling in love.

The thing that gets to me: Why is it called 'falling' in love? Why falling? Is love something to fall into? Why is it not called let's say 'rising' into love? ”



“ falling, in love” - the newest production of Atelier des Mimes Berlin - is a very personal research on the abysses of love. On our journey, with all it's ups and downs, with all the rising and falling (both flying in some sense), at odd times the feeling for one another becomes a roller coaster into personal hell. ego. dot.







rehearsal video