the Triangle game
a JavaScript simulation of an interesting game to play with many people.

The rules are simple:
You (in blue) are in a room with many people.
You choose two other people in the room, your 2 buddies (orange). (And for illustration purposes only, you point at them.)
Now, your job is to place yourself in the space, so that you and your buddies form a perfect triangle. A perfect triangle has all three sides of equal length.
There is two of those points, one on either side of the line between your buddies, unless that point is beyond a wall (the screen). You choose the point closer to you.
As your buddies will move around as well, forming their respective triangles, you have to adjust constantly.
For clarification: Your buddies don't know you point at them, and don't necessarily point back at you.

Click here or press Q on your keyboard to start and stop. If it gets boring, press S to add a player or press G to send the blue player somewhere.

And as you are the master, you have the following commands at your hand: (click or use your keyboard) Press M for more options.

Qrun!  |  freeze!
Wwelcome!  |  good bye!
ER  |  go fullscreen
ASone less  |  more player!
DFchange triangle:  blue player only  |  all     rule failed
GHrun randomly:      blue player only  |  all
YXless  |  more  speed
CVless  |  more  momentum
BNless  |  more  spread
Ucolor:  all black!  |  color!
Isize:    off  |  momentum  |  acceleration  |  current speed  |  current triangle size
Oface:   nada  |  name  |  name & buddies  |  counts  of    players pointing at you  •  buddies pointing at you  •  players with same buddies
Jtriangle rule:  avoid  |  allow  people choosing exact same buddies
Ktriangle rule:  players pointing at you:   doesn't matter  |  exactly 2  |  1 2 or 3  |  1 or 3  |  0 or many
Ltriangle rule:  buddies pointing back at you:   doesn't matter  |  zero  |  max one  |  exactly one  |  not one
you may want to scroll down for a blank background.
This is complex. Might burden your CPU. Might even crash your browser.