“One person's trauma is another's loss of innocence.” (Jodi Picoult)


This page is about Atelier des Mimes' performance called 'rawmantics' from December 2017.

For the new company of the same name and it's upcoming performance 'alle seine Monde', please visit www.rawmantics.one  →





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Kirstine Lindemann (DEN)

Martina Archain (ARG)

Topi Hurtig (FIN)

Nicolas Célestin Bregović (FRA)

Oliver Pollak (GER)

17. Dezember 2017


Gábor Hollós, István Hollós, François Le Blond, Ina Rudolph

Emanulela Pilolli, Mimecentrum Berlin


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rawmantics corners V6



our song


Air is passing by

Asking me to fly

Are we coming closer to the sun?


Water dripping down

Am I on my own?

Teach me to see through the clouds where


Stars are singing bright among each other

Feelings that we don't know where to place

Take me to that place where there's no other

Where nothing stays but your embrace


And nobody knows where we're heading

Earthquakes and flames might be spreading

Stars are singing bright among each other

Feelings that we can't escape


text: Kirstine Lindemann • score: Else Marie Pade








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full show (50min)





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audience reactions


Diese Show war unglaublich stark! Diese Bilder waren sehr sprechend, klar, aber ohne cliché, das man benutzen kann um irgendwas zu sagen oder zeigen! Es hat mir echt berührt. Ein Tausend mal 'bravo!'

(= This show was very strong! The images were very meaningful, clear, yet without clichés, simply used to proclaim somtheing! I was deeply moved. A thousand times 'bravo!')


Thank you. I really enjoyed the flow of everything.


Von Engeln, Menschen und Elementarteilchen. So berührend, bewegend. Ein Zauber liegt den rawmantics inne.

(= About angels, humans and elementary particles. So touching, moving. Magic lies within the rawmantics.


Die Bewegungen, die Suspension, die Präsenz, die Körper der Darsteller ... ich wurde verzaubert.

(= the movements, the suspence, the presence, the bodies of the performers ... I was enchanted.)


That was a powerful, delicate and intense experience you shared with me. The moments of raw material, when the bodies are just a clump, a mass of flesh and the magnetic gaze were of such depth that I could watch for hours inside the human world opened by this window.


... viele kreative Ideen! Sehr gelungen! (= ... many creative ideas! Well done!)


Ganz viele bezaubernde Momente, 4 tolle, charismatische Spieler, eine spannende, fantasievolle Regie!

(= many many magical moments, 4 superb players, an exciting directing, full of fantasy!)


Ein tolles Stück!! Sehr berührend und belebend. ... Es war wirklich wunderbar. Habe ein großes Lächeln im Gesicht.

(= A great piece. Very touching and invigorating. It was really wonderful. I have a big smile in the face.)


Ein Energiefeld oszillierender Pole. Wunderbar.

(= an energy-field of oscillating poles. Wonderful.)


A fost o performatie fantastica. Stay inspired!


It has been the most beautiful thing of my last days... and I have had some very beautiful last days.


Farbe, Engel, Vögel, Lieben, Platz, Energie, Tanz und Flug.

(= colour, angels, birds, love, space, energy, dance und flight.)


Very poetic performance. Emotion, intensity, passion, rhythm, space awareness, focus, an ensemble-feeling. Extended moments of emotion, timing always right. Pathos sometimes overwhelming the situation. But the is a contropoint of humour coming from time to time. very nice experience.


Danke für dieses Stück. Es changierte zwischen Anziehung und Abstoßung, Nähe und Distanz, die vier Darsteller haben die menschlichen Beziehungen gut künsterlisch abgebildet, bis hin zu spielerischen Elementen, die den Ernst wieder aufgelöst haben. Schöne Schlußszene.

(= Thank you for this show. It changed between attraction and repulsion, closeness and distance, the four performers have well enacted the human relationships, down to the playful elements, which liftet the seriousness. Beautiful ending scene.)


I loved it! Thank you! Play it more!


Heute Abend, nach der Vorstellung haben wir nur Theater als Thema. Theater Theater Theater. Und da habe ich gemerkt, wie selten es heutzutage passiert, dass soviel über den Kern des Theaters gesprochen wird. Euer Stück hat das ermöglicht, Fenster geöffnet, Bilder geschenkt.

(= Tonight, after the performance, we only had one theme: theatre theatre theatre. And here I realized, how rarely nowadays we talk about the core of theatre. Your piece made it possible, opened windows, donated imagery.)


You should play at Volksbühne (= 'Volksbühne' is one of the most renouned theatres in Berlin 🙂