share of energies... share of profits...


Money is always an issue.

For those participating in the Atelier. And for those, running the whole enterprise.

The Atelier is trying very hard, to find the fine balance between the classes being affordable for the participants as well as financially rewarding for those running the business. It would be very sad if lack of money would be the only reason for someone not being able to take part in our journey. It is an open secret, that the Atelier des Mimes is open for ‘creative’ agreements concerning the transfer of energies in monetary terms. 🙂



This creativeness can only be offered if the following needs from our side are met:


•  the financial situation of the Atelier allows for some leeway.

•  any agreement feels fair and justified to anyone involved, especially other participants.

•  all people involved are sympathetic to the fact, that other people might be on a diverting payment plan, possibly paying less.


If some of the following conditions apply to you, a diverting financial agreement could be possible:


•  you have visited at least one full Atelier recently

•  you apply very early (at the very least six weeks in advance) 

•  you have a child (or other needy person) to take care for

•  you come from a country where the exchange-rate to the Euro is very unfortunate

•  you are simply in a very tight financial situation



However, a participant on a reduced fee has to agree to the following:


•  you pay a siginficant part of the fee in advance

•  you are willing to do minor jobs (eg. sweeping the studio once a week)

•  you might be given notice whether you can participate only at a very late state (tell us if that is a problem to you)

•  you come up with a very clear and binding proposition as a payment plan beforehand

•  you might feel bound to the 10%-profitshare rule (see below)



Given those conditions, the Atelier des Mimes is willing to find a deal suitable for both and the rest of the group; again, provided the finances of the Atelier allow for some leeway. Such a deal could be either an instalment plan (=Ratenzahlung) or a reduction. If you are seeking for a reduction, you still might feel bound to our 10%-profit-share-rule.




The 10%-profit-share rule.


it goes like this:


•  from any job relating to performing (not other jobs!), where you think, your visit at the Atelier was beneficial

•  from your profit (that is income minus expenses)

•  you give us 10%.

• for the next two years or until any outstanding amount to the full fee is met (whichever happens earlier)

This is - legaly speaking - a completely non-binding agreement, it's just a gentlemen's agreement. It is solely up to you, to feel obliged by it. We will never chase you for any money. The basic intention is this: We - the ones keeping the Atelier going - will not count on that money. Should you become rich in the meantime, give us a fair share. It will come as a nice surprise. To both of us.



Thank you for reading all this.

I am hopeful that we will find a suitable deal good for both of us.