Important notice for our session Wendesday June 3rd. Please read!!

I want to record todays session!! You will see on the upper right corner something saying recording.

I want to record the audio: to check my technical set-up, and to revise my class didactically. No real problem, you'll be more or less mute anyway.

However: I want to record VIDEO as well!! I want to cut a 30-sec promo video for facebook, using the aesthetics of many people in squares as we see each other. So I want to use YOUR image for MY (promotional) purposes. So I need you to be ok with that! Please note:

- I will not show your name.

- most likely, your face will be shown.

- I will put the video password-protected on vimeo on this link, latest 24h after our session.  . I will give you the password in our session.

- you then have another 24h to watch and possibly object to the video.

- after that, if I haven't heard from you, I assume you are ok with the video and I will post it on facebook and my website.

Please understand: I cannot get your active consent, as I don't have your emails. So YOU either say in the beginning, that you don't want to appear in that video, or b) YOU have to contact me within the next 48 hours after our session. If you don't say anything during our session or 48h afterwards, I assume you being fine with me using your image for my promotional purposes. If you have any questions and doubts, just write to me!   If you don't want to appear in the video, please say so before the session starts or as soon afterwards as possible or once you have seen the video.

And now, come back to our zoom-conference. We'll start 5 past!!!







KONGLOMERATA open zoom-online-session with Oliver Pollak Wednesdays,   18:00 - 19:00 CEST (Berlin) time  •  online  •  free / donations welcome xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

As all real world activities in performing, rehearsing, directing and teaching have been suspended during corona-times, I wonna give this online meeting thing a try. I will certainly miss the direct contact and sweat, but hey, new format, new challenges. In these crazy times of social distancing and uncertainty, I would like to remind us of the one compagnion we have for sure with us, come what may: our body. with all his needs for attention, movement and care.

So, KONGLOMERATA is aimed to be an experimentative 1-hour online journey in movement and self-awareness, gently lead by me (in english, in body language). Everyone is welcome, wishing to get a bit more into the, or shall we say intimate with the body and explore it's sensations and miracles. (For those of you, who know me thru physical theatre classes: this will be different, less sweaty, no excercises, more transcient.)

See you there! Looking forward to you in a little box on my computer screen.

time:  wednesdays   •   18:00 - 19:00   •   CEST (Berlin) time   •   no late entry
via:  zoom - online - meeting   •   meeting-ID: 844 147 1823   •   link:   •   password: justbe
please come!  in loose clothing, sitting on a chair without armrests and around some space to move
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