there are currently images available.

if you want, you can query the site for specific images:
you do so by appending   '/?a='   and some tag(s) to the url.

(please be sure not to open too many browser windows, since displaying the images is quite processor-intensive)


For example:

shows all pictures from the classes at Atelier des Mimes.

will show images of our productions.

will show images of our production “Bar jeder Hoffnung” (change to  ‘clan’  or  ‘fangen’  or  ‘horizontal’  respectively.)

will show some images with Hanna (of course you can change Hanna to Gaia or Marcel or Oliver...)

you can also provide several tags, separated by the underscore-sign _. The above example shows any picture of ‘Clan Destin’ with Lisi in it.

if you want to see pictures of Gaia OR Marcel, make sure to add 'or_' to your query. By the way, your query is NOT case-sensitive.

shows images of the last session of Atelier No. 5, December 10th 2015.  (also try  ‘sp8’  or  ‘sp7’)

displays art-work(flyers or facebook images)



other interesting tags you might want to try: from a specific scene for ‘Bar jeder Hoffnung’.

Also try ‘solo’ (single person in picture)   or ‘many’ or ‘group’    or ‘voile’ (the head covered)   or ‘naked’.
Try   ‘mood79’   to see happy people (or  ‘mood13’  for less happy expressions)  or  ‘blur’   or even   ‘polonaise’



some specials:

to see Marcel in action

shows all images in random order (try ‘flush’ instead; will try to show a somewhat similar image to the next)


To see pictures you haven't seen for a while (or never) - that is this computer - try (however, might not work properly).
To change the speed, append '_speed' plus a number between 1 and 9 (the higher the faster) to your query. So will show production pix in quite fast succesion.
In order to display unique IDs of the pictures (in the top-left corner), append '&show=id' as in
Please note, that most of these pictures will not show to any ‘normal’ user, not querying the site like this.
Should you be unhappy with any picture, please let me know, best with the picture ID, as described above.
Just try! No worries, a useless request like will not lead to the world's end.



more to come soon...