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Atelier des Mimes Berlin  •  open classes  •  led by Oliver Pollak Fridays, 9:00 - 11:00  •  Sept 13th to Dec 13th  •  Expedition Metropolis •  €10-€20 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Atelier des Mimes is a vibrant Berlin-based group of mime artists and physical performers, training, exploring and performing together. Atelier des Mimes offers intensive workshops (3 to 16 weeks at ca. 20h a week, twice a year) in the strict mime technique ‘mime corporel dramatique’ (Etienne Decroux technique) combined with a more explosive, playful and impulsive approach, we call it ‘mimactiv’.
It's been a long-standing tradition of these workshops (we call them Ateliers) to once a week for two hours have our konglomerata, an open class for former workshop participants as well as colleagues and newbees. These open classes are a good occasion to get to know us in a hands-on, sweaty approach. You don't need to enrol for these open classes, however you need to understand that participating is completely at your own risk and that sweat is our primary ingredient.
Bienvenue à la folie.
time:  fridays  •  9:00 - 11:00  •  February 2020
location:  Theater Expedition Metropolis  •  Ohlauerstr. 41  •  10999 Berlin  •  see contact  →   for details!
fee:  €10-€20 per session  •  €100-€200 for all 12 sessions  •  u decide
infokonglomerata@mime.berlin  •   no need to subscribe. Just be punctual (means 15min early!)
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