Welcome to Atelier des Mimes Berlin

and thank you very much for your interest in the Atelier!

In order to apply for the Atelier or a workshop therein, we would like to ask you for a lettre of motivation and/or a CV. If you have anything to show for in the world wide web, please provide us with some links.
Furthermore, before we dive into our enterprise together, we would like to explain a few things: These are some legal aspects, matters concerning the finances and – most dear to us: some basics about our work attitude. And finally we have some questions for you.
Please read thru this page very carefully! In order to complete your application and for any participation in the Atelier, you will need to agree on everything mentioned here. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us!
We are looking forward to hearing from you.
•   to a CV and/or a lettre of motivation
•   to your agreement on the legal, financial and “energetic” topics
•   to your answers to our questions.
•   and to your feedback & comments
and,… if everything goes well, to an uplifting time spent together.
Zeit des Lachens, des Fantasierens, des Florierens, des Explorierens, des Verlustierens, des Reüsierens, Des Schwitzens, des Ergründens. Des Experimentierens und des Scheiterns. Mimosophie! Konglomerat! Verschwörung! Save Our Souls.
Welcome on board!

The basics and some legal notes.

•  The participation at this Atelier is at your own risk. The organiser of this Atelier provides no health or safety insurance for it’s participants. It is up to every participant’s responsability to provide adequate health and safety-insurance for the classes as well as for the ways to and from the venue.
•  The direction of the Atelier can not be held liable for any kind of dammage or loss of properties belonging to the participants. In addition, every participant is liable for any injuries or dammage caused to others or the venue.
•  The direction cannot garantee, that the course will start at nor last for the entire time advertised.
•   The entire Atelier or a part thereof might be cancelled completely due to lack of participants. The final decision on this might be taken very late and at short notice. In case of a cancellation, any fees paid beforehand will be reimbursed in full.
•   The direction maintains the right to negotiate individual financial agreements with participants.
•   The Atelier is led by Oliver Pollak, but will not necessarily be taught by him solely.
•   This Atelier provides no certificate. A letter of participation can be happily provided.
•   To our knowledge, there is no way to apply for (state) funding (BAFöG, Stipendien etc.).
•   Since our organisation is not state-recognized / -regulated, we cannot be of much help in VISA-applications.
•   In rare occasions, the Atelier might be held in alternative venues.
•   The group of participants will not necessarily be constant throughout the course.
•   The Atelier will include classes open to other participants.
•   Within the Atelier, photos and videos might be taken. In principle the Atelier always aims for a free accessability of these to all people involved.
•   Participants are required to be adequately dressed: tight fitting, bare feet (if need be, dance shoes, but no socks!), hair taught neatly out of the face, no jewelry that might cause injuries to one self or others, no long finger or foot nails.
•   The language of the course will most likely be English.
•   Our congregation is based on the principles of tolerance, self-reliance and commitment.


•   All fees are to be paid in advance.
•   The possibility to participate in a course will only be guaranteed from the moment onwards the fee agreed has been paid.
•   Moneys once paid will only be paid back in exact part, if – for whatever reason – the classes are cancelled, but not if a participant falls ill, has other obligations, or any other indisposition of the participant. On the other hand, the direction of the Atelier maintains the right to exclude a participant from any further classes at any given moment. Classes not given, due to such a cancellation from the direction, will be reimbursed in exact part of payments received for those classes.
•   Should there be a presentation or performance as part of the Atelier, the participant’s contribution will not be rewarded financially.
•   All payments made to Atelier des Mimes are subject to a strict refund policy, as advertised with the workshop. It is the participants obligation to fully understand this refund policy.
•   This Atelier shall be financially viable and at the same time affordable for the participants. It would be very sad, if lack of money, would be the only reason for a participant not being able to take part in the course. The Atelier therefore is always open for divergent financial agreements with participants, if the financial situation of the Atelier permits. For people with a tight financial situation (especially coming from foreign country with an unfortunate exchange rate to the Euro, or participants bearing responsabilities for a minor) it might be possible to reduce the fee further, if a solid and binding deal can be found beforehand. Please enquire.
•   On this note: if you are applying for a special reduction, please note, that we will first offer places to full paying participants and then be looking for means (eg. donors) to substitute our loss due to the reduction granted to you. In effect, the decision therefor might be taken quite late. Please also note that you might be asked for some futher assistance to the workshop (wiping the studio floor etc.)
•   Therefor all participants are sympathetic to the fact, that other participants might have a diverting financial agreement with the direction.
•   All moneys are to be paid in Euro in cash or via bank transfer:
Account holder: Klaus-Oliver Pollak
IBAN: DE85 4306 0967 1127 3717 00

The exchange of energies.

I wish for an inspiring, productive and effective Atelier. A melting-pot of energie(s).
It shall be clear to everyone involved in the Atelier that sharing energies is by far not limited to the financial aspects. I am strongly convinced that, in order to succeed with our enterprise, we furthermore need the following ingredients: commitment • engagement • perseverance.
This Atelier is aimed for professionals, not in the sense of how much money is obtained by the arts, but the amount of passion, dedication, conscience and talent invested… in short: the work attitude.
 Therefor I want to encourage us all to follow these guidelines:
•   be punctual, be steady, be fit, be alert.
•   be attentive! towards the group, the venue and the focus and concentration contained therein.
•   make sure you have enough capacities at your disposal for this atelier: time-wise, mentally, physically, health-wise, financially.
•   be regular and steady, even if you have a physical problem: come anyway! there is always something to do, even if it’s only watching.
•   please communicate any unavailabilities as early in advance as possible. It helps the work of everyone.
•   make sure you wear adequate clothing (tight fitting! plus a jumper to keep warm, no jewellery that might hurt others, bare feet, hair neatly taught out of the face). At the same time, always make sure you have something to throw over to keep you warm.
•   also bring enough food and drinks to the class.
Classes start at 9:00 punctual. studio doors open at 8:45. Everybody please make sure – for the sake of everybody – to be fully ready, awake, jolly and on the spot right from the start. Every late-coming will be punished severely (eg. bake a cake for everyone)

Dear collaborator, dear accomplice, dear conspirator.

Thank you for reading this far. We are happy and honoured by your interest in the Atelier.
In order to assess better your expectations and your aptitude for our endeavour, I would like to ask you for some answers on the following questions:
•   Do you want to go on stage? If yes, what kind of stage? If no, where else?
•   Have you been on stage already or in front of some kind of audience? Yes? Tell us about it! How did it feel? Anyone recordings / links in the www?
•   Do you mind giving us some insights about your path of life and how you got to this point reading these questions right now?
•   What are your main interests for joining us? Why do you think an Atelier with us might be beneficial to you? What are you hoping for?
•   Do you mind disclosing us your age? (according to your birth certificate and/or your inner feeling)
•   Which artistic themes move you, inspire you? What impresses you?
•   And what of those impressions do you want to express towards someone watching you?
•   Which other creative activities do you spend time with? Are you for example playing an instrument? Or do you like writing or painting?
•   Do you have any experience or ideas concerning corporeal mime or Etienne Decroux? Yes? Nice! Which ones? – No? Nice as well.
•   How confident are you, having enough capacities available for this Atelier: time-wise, physically, mentally, financially?
•   What we do is physical theatre, sometimes very physical. Tell us about your physical condition, capacities and contraints!
•   Do you like being punctual? Do you like watchfulness? Do you like seeing yourself as a responsible part of a group?
•   Do you suffer from any physical or psychic discomforts that might be significant for your work and that you want to tell us about?
•   Which languages do you speak how well?
•   How did you get to know about the Atelier des Mimes?
•   Do you have any expectations, suggestions, ideas or hopes for our Atelier? Which ones?
•   Anything else you want to throw into this conversation?
Please feel free to answer in English, German or French. Thank you.