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excerpt   •   9min   •   recorded May 28th 2016 in Berlin   •   dance, piano, cameras, writing... all improvised   •   more  infos here          images  
with Oliver Pollak, Gaia Giancaspro, Gwen Kyrg, Roberta Del Ben   •   concept: Oliver Pollak   •   cameras: Christian Mattis, Hugo Reis, Marina Castellana and A. Padovani
o n l y n e s s
by rawmantics ( aka  Atelier des Mimes )
single scene ‘egg scene’   •   4 min   •   December 15th 2019   •   more  infos here          images  
with Anaïs Caillaud,  Simon Moreau,  Lauri Lohi,  Gaia Giancaspro,  Barbara Wiltschek,  Thann Buck
directed and edited by Oliver Pollak   •   cameras: Gabór Hollós, Séverine Lenglet, István Hollós
alle seine monde
by rawmantics ( aka  Atelier des Mimes )
single scene ‘vagina flower’   •   4 ½ min   •   December 8th 2018   •   more  infos here          images  
with Anaïs Caillaud,  Mattis Schlootz,  Cornelia Miceli,  Gáspár Bálint,  Letizia Airoldi
directed and edited by Oliver Pollak   •   cameras: Christian Mattis, Gabór Hollós, Thann Buck
some impressions   •   2½ min   •   recorded December 17th 2017 in Berlin   •   more  infos here          images          more videos  
with Kirstine Lindemann, Nicolas Célestine Bregović, Topi Hurtig, Martina Archain
directed and edited by Oliver Pollak   •   cameras: Gabór Hollós, István Hollós, François Le Blond, Ina Rudolph
7 facebook posts prior to the premiere of 'rawmantics'
3min   •   editing: Oliver Pollak
enter tame me
teaser   •   3min   •   recorded May 28th 2016 in Berlin   •   more  infos here          images          longer extracts  
with Daniel O’Shea, Gwen Kyrg, Joana Gottstein, Shahab Anousha, Zuzana Smetáčková  +  Marcel Pilz, Gaia Giancaspro, Hanna Funk, Fernando Guillen, Gabriela Medelato
directed and edited by Oliver Pollak   •   cameras: Christian Mattis, Hugo Reis, Antonio Padovani and more
Clan Destin
single scene   •   5min   •   recorded May 30th 2015 in Berlin   •   more  infos here          images          full show  
with Lisi Stoessel, Hanna Funk, Roberta Del Ben, Tiziana Cilumbriello, Marcel Pilz, Lena Neuber
directed and edited by Oliver Pollak   •   cameras: Stefano Casertano, Thilo Wittenbecher, Antonio Padovani and more
Bar jeder Hoffnung
trailer   •   3min   •   recorded June & July 2014 in Berlin   •   more  infos here          images          other videos on  'Bar jeder Hoffnung'  
with Mattes Weißbach, Hanna Funk, Marcel Pilz & Gaia Giancaspro
directed and edited by Oliver Pollak   •   cameras: Stefano Casertano, Thilo Wittenbecher, Christian Mattis and more
no strings attached
dance video   •   6 ½min   •   shot May 25th 2017 in Berlin
performers: Jules Poulain-Plissonneau & Verónica Terriente Garcia   •   choreo & video: Oliver Pollak   •   produced by Atelier des Mimes
10min   •   shot in Kathmandu, Nepal   •   Feb 4th, 2017   •   different cut from Gábor Hollós          behind the scene pix on facebook          see also  "Antigone in Nepal"  
with: Akanchha Karki, Utpal Jha, Nisha Joshi, Aayan Khadka   •   directing & editing: Oliver Pollak   •   camera: Gábor Hollós        production: Mada[r]t
Vitanova 3
dance video   •   8min   •   early 2015   •   shot in India ( Goa, Varanasi & Bodh Gaya area)
Nina Vitanova: concept, directing, dance   •   Oliver Pollak: dance, camera, editing
Vitanova 2
dance video   •   10min   •   winter 2013/14   •   shot in Thailand & Cambodia
Nina Vitanova: concept, directing, dance & editing   •   Oliver Pollak: dance, editing & piano
Vitanova 1
dance video   •   8min   •   March 2013   •   shot in India (Goa & Hampi)
Nina Vitanova: concept, directing, dance & editing   •   Oliver Pollak: dance, editing
moon crescent
by Spark International   •   video art   •   no sound   •   comissioned work   •   early 90ies   •   shot on MiniDV   •   SD
a rendering nightmare, the old days... at one point it said: estimated time left to render: 7 weeks 🙂
Entzaubertes Amazonien
14min excerpt of 33min documentary   •   produced by Apollon Stiftung Bremen   •   recording & editing: Oliver Pollak & Marinella Setti   •   Mini DV (SD)   •   mid 2000
following an musicians' ensemble performing contemporary modern opera compositions touring thru various capitals in Europe as well as Belém and Manaus in Brazil
Hands On!
Trailer   •   3min   •   circus performance   •   June 2018   •   performer: P. Krupa, P. Bauer, D. Megnet, R. Hegewald   •   camera & editing: Oliver Pollak   •   camera: B. Wiltschek
FreiForm Frankfurt
assembly of performances & performers of the impro-festival "FreiForm Frankfurt" / Germany   •   11min   •   November 2016   •   editing: Oliver Pollak
Das Pantheon der Pantomime
excerpts    •   11½min   •   Aufführung der Studenten der Etage Berlin   •   2007   •   directed by Anke Gerber   •   editing: Oliver Pollak
silent movie  by Pantomime-Duo Bodecker & Neander   •   8min   •   SD   •   camera & editing: Oliver Pollak
12 artists on art   •   directed: Marinella Setti   •   edit & titles: Oliver Pollak
Feuerzangenbowle mit Clowns
following a clown to be at Deutsche Oper Berlin
Déjà vu?
Trailer   •   5min   •   Pantomime-Duo Bodecker & Neander   •   editing & some camera: Oliver Pollak
Cello Cinema
Trailer   •   8½min   •   SD   •   pantomime/music performance  by Pantomime-Duo Bodecker & Neander   •   8min   •   camera & editing: Oliver Pollak
Trio M.R.V.
Mario Würzebesser Trio MRV   •   live jazz-music recording   •   11 ½ min   •   April 2013   •   im Waldo Berlin   •   editing & camera: Oliver Pollak   •   extra Camera: Ingo Keil
by Spark International
3 min   •   shot on MiniDV   •   London, late 90ies   •   performer: Nathan Buck, directing: Oliver Pollak   •   silly stuff 🙂
Spark International were:  Nathan Buck, Lara Ritoša-Roberts, Oliver Pollak, Mascha Willutzki
oliver pollakoliver@mime.berlin   •   +49 (0)176 2215 3965   •   www.oliverpollak.com