Mime in Nepaltravelling to Kathmandu in January/February 2017
Mandala-workshop Kathmandu
documentation on a 4-day workshop held by Oliver Pollak in Kathmandu, Nepal
a film by Gábor Hollós   •   19min   •   in english   •   organized by: Mada[r]t   •   at Mandala Theatre, Kathmandu, Nepal   •   January 2017   •   images  
horizontal V4
9min solo-performance   •   Oliver Pollak   •   camera: Gábor Hollós   •   recorded January 2017 in Kathmandu / Nepal
interesting about this recording is also the effect of the image stabilsation applied in post with the performance
Antigone in Nepal
site-specific choreography   •   shot in   Patan Museum  Kathmandu  Nepal   •   February 2nd, 2017
choreography / directing:  Oliver Pollak   •   camera & editing:  Gábor Hollós   •   production:  Mada[r]t   •   see also  "Ratnapark"  
10min   •   shot in Kathmandu, Nepal   •   Feb 4th, 2017   •   different cut from Gábor Hollós          behind the scene pix on facebook          see also  "Antigone in Nepal"  
with: Akanchha Karki, Utpal Jha, Nisha Joshi, Aayan Khadka   •   directing & editing: Oliver Pollak   •   camera: Gábor Hollós        production: Mada[r]t
oliver pollakoliver@mime.berlin   •   +49 (0)176 2215 3965   •   www.oliverpollak.com