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mime corporel meets mimactiv
Atelier des Mimes is a Berlin / Germany based conglomerat of mimes, training, exploring and performing together. Atelier des Mimes produces theatrical mime productions and offers several-months-long intensive workshops in physical theatre, mime and ‘mime corporel dramatique’ (Etienne Decroux Technique).
This enterprise was founded in fall 2013 by Oliver and is lead by him ever since. Please find much more information on our website  
Atelier des Mimes   2014 - 2018longer version here  
5 years   •   10 productions   •   6 min
performer:  Hanna Funk,  Gaia Giancaspro,  Marcel Pilz,  Mattes Weissbach,  Gwen Kyrg,  Roberta Del Ben,  Oliver Pollak,  Tiziana Cillumbriello,  Lissi Stoessel,  Lena Neuber,  Daniel O'Shea,  Zuzana Smetáčková,  Joana Gottstein,  Shahab Anousha,  Verónica Terriente Garcia,  Jules Poulain-Plissonneau,  Topi Hurtig,  Kirstine Lindemann,  Nicolas Célestine Bregović,  Martina Archain,  Anaïs Caillaud,  Mattis Schlootz,  Cornelia Miceli,  Gáspár Bálint,  Letizia Airoldi and more   •   lighting, editing, directing:  Oliver Pollak
Teaching has also lead me abroad, to meet and teach and collaborate with performers from different cultures and theatres, like Iran (pix  ) or Nepal (pix     •   videos  )
What I always found: Cultures might be different. The passion is the same. Mime moves, no matter what.
Mandala-workshop Kathmandu
documentation on a 4-day workshop held by Oliver Pollak in Kathmandu, Nepal
a film by Gábor Hollós   •   19min   •   in english   •   organized by: Mada[r]t   •   at Mandala Theatre, Kathmandu, Nepal   •   January 2017   •   images  
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falling, in love
Hanna Funk  &  Oliver Pollak   •   current production   •   rehearsal excerpts   •   8 min   •   21st of December 2016   •   more  infos here          images  
excerpt   •   9min   •   recorded May 28th 2016 in Berlin   •   dance, piano, cameras, writing... all improvised   •   more  infos here          images  
with Oliver Pollak, Gaia Giancaspro, Gwen Kyrg, Roberta Del Ben   •   concept: Oliver Pollak   •   cameras: Christian Mattis, Hugo Reis, Marina Castellana and A. Padovani
9min solo-performance   •   split screen   •   2010 & 2017   •   6 years in between
by and with Oliver Pollak   •   composition: Peter Helmut Lang   •   live string-quartett: Aurora Streichquartett
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alle seine monde
by rawmantics ( aka  Atelier des Mimes )
single scene ‘vagina flower’   •   4 ½ min   •   December 8th 2018   •   more  infos here          images  
with Anaïs Caillaud,  Mattis Schlootz,  Cornelia Miceli,  Gáspár Bálint,  Letizia Airoldi
directed and edited by Oliver Pollak   •   cameras: Christian Mattis, Gabór Hollós, Thann Buck
some impressions   •   2½ min   •   recorded December 17th 2017 in Berlin   •   more  infos here          images          more videos  
with Kirstine Lindemann, Nicolas Célestine Bregović, Topi Hurtig, Martina Archain
directed and edited by Oliver Pollak   •   cameras: Gabór Hollós, István Hollós, François Le Blond, Ina Rudolph
enter tame me
teaser   •   3min   •   recorded May 28th 2016 in Berlin   •   more  infos here          images          longer extracts  
with Daniel O’Shea, Gwen Kyrg, Joana Gottstein, Shahab Anousha, Zuzana Smetáčková  +  Marcel Pilz, Gaia Giancaspro, Hanna Funk, Fernando Guillen, Gabriela Medelato
directed and edited by Oliver Pollak   •   cameras: Christian Mattis, Hugo Reis, Antonio Padovani and more
Clan Destin
single scene   •   5min   •   recorded May 30th 2015 in Berlin   •   more  infos here          images          full show  
with Lisi Stoessel, Hanna Funk, Roberta Del Ben, Tiziana Cilumbriello, Marcel Pilz, Lena Neuber
directed and edited by Oliver Pollak   •   cameras: Stefano Casertano, Thilo Wittenbecher, Antonio Padovani and more
Bar jeder Hoffnung
trailer   •   3min   •   recorded June & July 2014 in Berlin   •   more  infos here          images          other videos on  'Bar jeder Hoffnung'  
with Mattes Weißbach, Hanna Funk, Marcel Pilz & Gaia Giancaspro
directed and edited by Oliver Pollak   •   cameras: Stefano Casertano, Thilo Wittenbecher, Christian Mattis and more
Collation of 4 shorts
from 2013 – 2015   •   12min   •   with students from the film-academy “Konrad Wolf” in Berlin Potsdam
Fahrt zur Hölle
a film by Henning Beckhoff
14min   •   2015   •   shot on 16mm   •   German with English subtitles
no strings attached
dance video   •   6 ½min   •   shot May 25th 2017 in Berlin
performers: Jules Poulain-Plissonneau & Verónica Terriente Garcia   •   choreo & video: Oliver Pollak   •   produced by Atelier des Mimes
10min   •   shot in Kathmandu, Nepal   •   Feb 4th, 2017   •   different cut from Gábor Hollós          behind the scene pix on facebook          see also  "Antigone in Nepal"  
with: Akanchha Karki, Utpal Jha, Nisha Joshi, Aayan Khadka   •   directing & editing: Oliver Pollak   •   camera: Gábor Hollós        production: Mada[r]t
Vitanova 3
dance video   •   8min   •   early 2015   •   shot in India ( Goa, Varanasi & Bodh Gaya area)        show Vitanova 1 & 2  
Nina Vitanova: concept, directing, dance   •   Oliver Pollak: dance, camera, editing
the Triangle gameJavaScript
a JavaScript simulation of an interesting game to play with many people.

The rules are simple:
You (in blue) are in a room with many people.
You choose two other people in the room, your 2 buddies (orange). (And for illustration purposes only, you point at them.)
Now, your job is to place yourself in the space, so that you and your buddies form a perfect triangle. A perfect triangle has all three sides of equal length.
There is two of those points, one on either side of the line between your buddies, unless that point is beyond a wall (the screen). You choose the point closer to you.
As your buddies will move around as well, forming their respective triangles, you have to adjust constantly.
For clarification: Your buddies don't know you point at them, and don't necessarily point back at you.

Click here or press Q on your keyboard to start and stop. If it gets boring, press S to add a player or press G to send the blue player somewhere.

And as you are the master, you have the following commands at your hand: (click or use your keyboard) Press M for more options.

Qrun!  |  freeze!
Wwelcome!  |  good bye!
ER  |  go fullscreen
ASone less  |  more player!
DFchange triangle:  blue player only  |  all     rule failed
GHrun randomly:      blue player only  |  all
YXless  |  more  speed
CVless  |  more  momentum
BNless  |  more  spread
Ucolor:  all black!  |  color!
Isize:    off  |  momentum  |  acceleration  |  current speed  |  current triangle size
Oface:   nada  |  name  |  name & buddies  |  counts  of    players pointing at you  •  buddies pointing at you  •  players with same buddies
Jtriangle rule:  avoid  |  allow  people choosing exact same buddies
Ktriangle rule:  players pointing at you:   doesn't matter  |  exactly 2  |  1 2 or 3  |  1 or 3  |  0 or many
Ltriangle rule:  buddies pointing back at you:   doesn't matter  |  zero  |  max one  |  exactly one  |  not one
you may want to scroll down for a blank background.
This is complex. Might burden your CPU. Might even crash your browser.


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