Atelier des Mimes Berlin 14  •  February 20

four weeks of  intensive training and exploration of  physical theatre and mime

Atelier Nr 14  •  February 2020  •  4 weeks, 4 blocks  •  5 days a week  •  4 h a day


The four weeks build upon each other, with each week focusing on a different aspect. The first two weeks are aimed at tuning the body from the outside, have him discover means and ways of movement and motion and showing him some new experiences, vocabulary and liberties. The second two weeks shift the focus on the expression thru movement, the notion, the essence and the awareness of being before doing.

Week 1:   mechanics of mouvement

February  3rd to 7th,  Monday to Friday

basics of mime corporel, presence on stage, stamina
open call.

Week 2:   the breathing body

February  10th to 14th,  Monday to Friday

animation of mouvement
physical fitness, knowledge of  mime & corporeal mime, visit of 1st week of advantage

week 3:   the responsive move

February  17th to 21st,  Monday to Friday

realisation of notion and e-motion.
stage- Atelier-experience required.

week 4:   be  (on stage)

February  24th to 28th,  Monday to Friday

awareness. contentness.
good knowledge on our way of working of required.  on invitation.


atelier  •  full & intensive workshop:

Monday to Friday  •  ca. 9:00 - 14:00  •  4-5h a day  •  €200 per week  •  €700 all 4 weeks

incl. breaks and practice time, teaching minimum 15h per week  •  reductions available.

labor  •  full & intensive workshop:

on 2 to 3 days a week, tbc  •  ca. 2 hours a day  •  €tbn

for Atelieros, according to needs and timetables.

konglomerata  •  weekly open classes:

Fridays  •  9:00 - 11:00  •  €10 - €20 per session  (u decide)

open for all, no enrolement required, just come along. Please be on time.


Classes will be held in a dance studio in Berlin-Kreuzberg. See contact for info  →
The course will be directed and mainly taught by Oliver Pollak and be held in English.
The participation at Atelier des Mimes is fully at your own risk and responsability.
Exact times in the day and the location might still change! Please check nearer the time.

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