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Genoa 01Cie Chausse-Trappe (FR) - 2020
« Genoa 01 relates the unprecedented repression of anti-globalization protesters at the G8 summit in Genoa in 2001. The whole of Europe followed the chaos on the small screen in horror. In the form of a reconstruction of the events, the story takes place in a theatre. A conversation built around testimonies, which liberates and shares at the same time the historical, political and journalistic complexity of the events.
On stage, four women - two actresses and two dancers - as one body beating, a chorus beat.
A hybrid staging, sharing the intimate and the documentary, which gives facts and dresses them with emotions. »    Cie Chausse-Trappe.
Directed and edited:  Amélie Rouffanche
Sound design:  Franck Chauveau
With:  Anaïs Caillaud;  Alexandra Teracher;  Léna Martin;  Teresa Salerno
Photos:  Julien Soufflet
Lighting:  Claude Fontaine
Yunussa 2015 - 2017Cie Singuliers Associés
« Yunussa is a young woman who leaves her hostile homeland to live in Opulentia City, a country where living conditions are more pleasant. This text about an imaginary country is inspired by testimonies of inhabitants of the Val de l'Aurence district of Limoges. Through the initiatory journey of this young woman and with music playing by Mangane, the spectators go from meeting to meeting to discover the life of these men and women who came from elsewhere to learn how to live together. »    Cie Les Singuliers Associés.
Leading and Writting work: Didier Valadeau.
With:  Anaïs Caillaud,  Mangane Ousseynou,  Amélie Rouffanche,  Philippe Demoulin,  Zhor Tazi,  Adélaïde Grany
Photos:  Julien Soufflet
Lighting by:  Fernando Lopes Fadigas
The Lab
This research and exchange group with variable geometry based on work around texts (theatre, novels...) The presentation of the Lab is present as readings set in space.
« One day I lost my face »  2013 2014
It is a work of selection and editing of texts: Philippe Myniana, Xavier Kroetz, Rodrigo Garcia, Philippe Dorin, Katarina Mazetti and Patrik Ourednik. This selection is present by comedians as reading about identity without complacency, with humour and poetry.
With:  Amélie Rouffanche,  Anaïs Caillaud,  Aurélie Gatet,  Sylvie Audureau,  Philippe Demoulin,  Didier Valadeau
« (Women) Citizen of Diversity »  2015
This is a week of cultural proposals, organized by Marsa Editions around artists from diverse backgrounds: Leïla Sebbar (writer), Malika Bellaribi (singer), Mounira Chatti (writer), Dominique Le Boucher (writer), Khadija Seddiki (painter) Nassima Guessoum (director)...
With:  Amélie Rouffanche,  Anaïs Caillaud,  Sylvie Audureau,  Philippe Demoulin,  Didier Valadeau,  Fabienne Muet
o n l y n e s s
« Solitude is fine, but you need someone to tell that solitude is fine. »
Honoré de Balzac
With:  Anaïs Caillaud,  Simon Moreau,  Lauri Lohi,  Gaia Giancaspro,  Barbara Wiltschek,  Thann Buck
Directed and edited by:  Oliver Pollak
lighting:  Marco Scarpati
alle seine monderawmantics (DE) - 2018 - 2019
If we are moons (r)evolving around him, then who is he?
“alle seine Monde” ( “all his moons” ) is a physical theatre play that paints in powerful, sometimes painful strokes and dynamic movements an imagery between the known and the subconscious. Shimmering between sublime and grotesque, we see 5 performers nearing their abyss, yet maintaining their poise. Caught in sometimes subtle or banal, sometimes absurd or provoking settings, they tell their story without traditional narrative, but succeed through their struggles to find an uplifting resolution.
All 5 performers are trained at Atelier des Mimes Berlin and elsewhere. We perform in styles ranging from the naturalistic to the very stilized, namely the stage mime craft 'mime corporel dramatique'.
« Better second Hand sex than no sex? »; « Shop window sex better than screen porn... »; « Red, Blond, Dark »; « Better inside the statue of liberty than outside a pleasure doll »; « I think we need a break! »
With:  Anaïs Caillaud,  Mattis Schlootz,  Cornelia Miceli,  Gáspár Bálint,  Letizia Airoldi
Directed and edited by:  Oliver Pollak
live painting
life paintings during a theatre spectacle.
Anaïs Caillaud
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