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Atelier des Mimes    Berlin
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Atelier des Mimes is a Berlin / Germany based conglomerat of mimes, training, exploring and performing together. Atelier des Mimes produces theatrical mime productions and offers several-months-long intensive workshops in physical theatre, mime and ‘mime corporel dramatique’ (Etienne Decroux Technique)
This enterprise was founded in fall 2013 by Oliver and is lead by him ever since. Please find much more information on our website   →
Here a little impression of an open class going a bit wild   →
Teaching has also lead me abroad, to meet and teach and collaborte with performers from quite different cultures and theatres, like Iran (pix→) or Nepal (pix→).
What I always found: Cultures might be different. The passion is the same. Mime moves. no matter what.
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excerpt   •   9min   •   recorded May 28th 2016 in Berlin   •   dance, piano, cameras, writing... all improvised   •   more infos here   →
with Oliver Pollak, Gaia Giancaspro, Gwen Kyrg, Roberta Del Ben   •   concept: Oliver Pollak   •   cameras: Christian Mattis, Hugo Reis, Marina Castellana and A. Padovani
fangen gegangen
little impression   •   2′40″   •   recorded August 2015 in Marburg / Germany   •   more infos here   →
by and with Oliver Pollak und Hanna Funk   •   cameras: Rike Hagel und Georg Kronenberg
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enter tame me
teaser   •   3min   •   recorded May 28th 2016 in Berlin   •   more infos here   →
with Daniel O’Shea, Gwen Kyrg, Joana Gottstein, Shahab Anousha, Zuzana Smetáčková  +  Marcel Pilz, Gaia Giancaspro, Hanna Funk, Fernando Guillen, Gabriela Medelato
directed and edited by Oliver Pollak   •   cameras: Christian Mattis, Hugo Reis, Antonio Padovani and more
Clan Destin
single scene   •   5min   •   recorded May 30th 2015 in Berlin   •   more infos here   →
with Lisi Stoessel, Hanna Funk, Roberta Del Ben, Tiziana Cilumbriello, Marcel Pilz, Lena Neuber
directed and edited by Oliver Pollak   •   cameras: Stefano Casertano, Thilo Wittenbecher and more
Bar jeder Hoffnung
trailer   •   3min   •   recorded June & July 2014 in Berlin   •   more infos here   →
with Mattes Weißbach, Hanna Funk, Marcel Pilz & Gaia Giancaspro
directed and edited by Oliver Pollak   •   cameras: Stefano Casertano, Thilo Wittenbecher, Christian Mattis and more
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Collation of 4 shorts
from 2013 – 2015   •   12min   •   with students from the film-academy “Konrad Wolf” in Berlin Potsdam
Fahrt zur Hölle
a film by Henning Beckhoff
14min   •   2015   •   shot on 16mm   •   german with english subtitles
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10min   •   shot in Kathmandu, Nepal   •   Feb 4th, 2017
with: Akanchha Karki, Utpal Jha, Nisha Joshi, Aayan Khadka   •   directing & editing: Oliver Pollak   •   camera: Gábor Hollós   •   production: Mada[r]t
Vitanova 3
dance video   •   8min   •   early 2015   •   shot in India (Goa, Varanasi & Bodh Gaya area)   •   rough edit only
Nina Vitanova: concept, directing, dance   •   Oliver Pollak: camera, dance, editing
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Lost Geklimper
Improvisation   •   5min   •   August 31st 2016   •   all newish pieces: MIDI E-Piano & Mac GarageBand    •   (unfortunately not an ideal sound)
Improvisation   •   1 ½ min   •   Spring 2016   •   pic shot in Varansi / India


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